I offer private one-to-one consultations of an hour or more in which your priority issues are addressed. Advanced muscle monitoring (the basis of kinesiology) enables me to determine exactly what you need at that time. The sessions can take many forms, depending on your reason for consulting me, but essentially they are about finding and releasing the stresses stored in your body.

The sessions can include:

Exploration of specific health or learning issues

  • If you present with a specific health or learning issue, that issue will be addressed as a priority, following your body’s feedback as to what, and how much, stress you are ready to release.
  • I don’t treat ‘symptoms’ or ‘conditions’ but seek the underlying cause of the imbalances in the body that enabled them to develop.

Life-style coaching

  • Strategies for improving your health and wellbeing


  • Gaining a new perspective based on experience and objectivity



From time to time I offer several group-learning opportunities in the form of workshops, seminars and courses. These involve a variety of life skills, including:

  • Improved breathing – learn to breathe more fully and naturally
  • Life planning – learn to live ‘on purpose’ rather than letting life ‘happen’ to you
  • Basic kinesiology – learn kinesiology skills to use at home to help keep your family and friends ‘in balance’
  • ‘Meet Your Body’ series – learn about your body’s organs and systems, what affects them, and what you can do to improve their healthy functioning.
  • Essential Oils – the benefits of using them on a day-to-day basis to support your physical, emotional and mental health



The word ‘kinesiology’ means ‘the study of human movement’. It is also the name given to a collection of stress-release therapies based on muscle monitoring. As a therapy, kinesiology is now practised worldwide, with astounding results as it draws on and integrates a broad range of Eastern and Western knowledge and healing practices.

These therapies include vibrational medicine, acupressure, reflex-point massage, mentoring and life-style coaching.

Muscle Monitoring
Muscle monitoring is both an art and a science. In other words, it is a learned skill with an explainable basis.

The nervous system responds differently to different events and situations, different substances and different thoughts and feelings and these responses are revealed by the change in tension in certain muscles. Through this mechanism, a great deal of information can be gained about the body, where it holds onto stress, and which stresses in particular are causing problems.

Muscle monitoring also enables me to detect precisely what you need for those stresses to be released.

Vibrational Medicine
Vibrational medicine deals with the electrical aspect of the body. The nervous system operates by electrical charge and chemical reaction. Essentially, then, we are a walking energy field and like any other energy field, we can develop ‘static’ from interference from other, stronger, energy fields.

Using muscle monitoring, we can easily determine what vibration will cancel out the static. This may be the pure sounds of specially designed tuning forks, the healing frequency of plant essences or essential oils, or simply the redistribution of energy in the body by gentle acupressure.

Recommended reading:

Energy Meridian Balancing
The energy meridians, mapped some 5000 years ago by Chinese physicians, distribute life-force energy around the body. There are fourteen major energy meridians that can be traced on the surface of the body, with interconnecting energy channels deep within the body channelling energy to the organs, glands, muscles and fluid substances.

Under stresses of various kinds, the balance of energy in these meridians becomes distorted, causing certain systems of the body to become depleted. The body’s survival instincts in turn cause it to ‘steal’ energy from the less vital organs or areas of the body in order to protect the vital functions.

The basis of all my natural therapies is to facilitate balance in the energy system, enabling the body to do what it does best – heal itself!


There are approximately 400 acupoints on the surface of the body. These points are electrically measurable and are part of the energy meridians. They also form a complex energy matrix throughout the body.

When static energy collects in these acupoints, it interferes with the flow of energy along the meridian lines and also within the energy matrix of the body. This static energy can often be released simply by holding or gently stimulating the point. Muscle monitoring enables me to determine exactly which acupressure point requires treatment, and precisely which treatment is needed.

Chakra Balancing
While the energy meridians distribute energy around the body and the acupressure points create energy ‘connections’ throughout the body, the chakras regulate the body’s exchange of energy with the outside world. For example, when we say ‘My heart went out to that person’, what we are feeling is the output of energy from our own energy store towards another person at the level of the heart. There are seven major energy chakras, which emanate from the torso and the head.
Deep Relaxation
There are also groups of points which, when held simultaneously, will induce a deep sense of relaxation in the body while life-long patterns of tension are released. People frequently report feeling ‘lighter’ after these experiences.
Reflex Point Massage
There are ‘reflex points’ on the surface of the body which, when stimulated with firm massage will redistribute static energy to where it is most needed – the body’s internal systems. The points that need this treatment are determined through muscle monitoring.
A mentor is basically ‘an experienced and trusted advisor’ but, more importantly, someone who will listen and show you a different perspective when you have lost your way in some area of your life.

Physical conditions are often caused by ‘holding on’ to feelings that would be much healthier if they were expressed in some way.

Sometimes, all we need is someone to talk to who can understand what is happening in our life and can offer a fresh perspective and some guidance on how to deal with the prevailing circumstances. We need someone who will not judge us for our weakness or anger or sadness. ‘Advice’ is simply someone else’s opinion of a situation, and its main role is to help you to clarify in your own mind what you need to do. In other words, I will not tell you what to do – just offer suggestions as to how you might view the situation differently.

Life-style Coaching
Sometimes we need help to see how we can avoid re-creating the same old stresses in our body.

It is one thing to release the body from its stress patterns, or imbalances, and quite another to change our breathing, eating and thinking habits and our automatic stress responses. We need to develop some strategies to recognise and handle stressful situations differently.

Life-style coaching helps you to set up strategies to gently but powerfully change from destructive patterns to regenerative ones.

You may also need help to identify what it is you need to avoid until you are strong again – e.g. specific foods or situations.

Referral Services
Sometimes, we need to ‘flush’ the body of its toxins with specific ‘antidotes’ and tonics, which qualified people can identify and provide, and sometimes the body needs allopathic medicine (drugs) for acute or serious conditions.

As I am not qualified to administer any therapeutic substances, I have identified excellent practitioners in these fields and will willingly refer you to them should I find that you would benefit from their therapies. I have, myself, explored and experienced each of the therapies and practitioners I recommend and can do so with confidence.


More than a year ago I saw Maureen on the recommendation of my GP. I had always thought that I felt ‘good’ most days, but I hadn’t realised just how good I could feel until I had a series of sessions with Maureen. Amazing healing hands!


A highlight of my trips to Koroit is a visit with Maureen. Calming, inspiring and loving.