is Maureen Connolly – a practitioner of kinesiology, natural therapies and life skills education.

I work with individuals who are experiencing physical, emotional or mental stress, to identify and clarify the underlying causes. I apply a variety of natural therapies to help them to restore balance and manage stress.

My focus is on helping people to heal themselves and to gain access to their full potential for living and learning.

If you are wondering whether I could help you, consider some of these questions:


  • Are you as well as you’d like to be?
  • How well do you think you are?
  • Do you suffer frequent physical discomfort?
  • Do you feel under pressure all the time?
  • Do you want to look for the cause of your problems – physical, emotional, or mental?
  • Have you been ‘labelled’ with a ‘syndrome’


Do you or your children have difficulty:

  • Reading?
  • Learning and remembering new information?
  • Sitting still and concentrating?
  • Do you have a child who has learning or behavioural difficulties?


Our emotions are not separate from our body or our mind. They are the instinctual feelings that evolved to keep us safe and are an integral part of us. In fact, in our early years our emotions and instincts are what help to keep us alive.

Take the ‘Emotional Questionnaire’ to get an idea of how emotionally healthy you are and whether your feelings are ‘stuck in childhood’ and running your life in an unhelpful way.


  • Are looking for a new direction in life?
  • Are you seeking a purpose in life?


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Life Skills Education

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