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Coaching, Workshops, Seminars and Courses

The word ‘skill’ means ‘practised ability’.

People don’t come with an ‘operating manual’! We learn skills like walking and talking and feeding ourselves by instinct more than anything else. And to gain these skills we had to practise, fail, and practise some more.

But the skills we need to function well in an increasingly complex world are not always as ‘built-in’ and easy to acquire. We fear failure and can be easily discouraged from trying again when we ‘fall over’ or are not perfect the first time we attempt something new. This is because, at an early age, we become aware of ourselves in comparison to the skills and abilities of other people. And we all have a tendency to compare the worst of ourselves with the best in others!

What we don’t often do is acknowledge ourselves for just how many skills and abilities we do have – even without an ‘operating manual’. If you were to sit down and write a CV or resumé of the skills you have gained already in all areas of your life, you would be amazed!

‘Life skills’ are not just the ones we gain in order to earn a living. They are the ones that make life worth living! The ability to be in true relationships with other people, to understand ourselves and others and to communicate what it is that we actually want to say or do.

Sometimes we need to gain more clarity about what it is we actually want in our life – that requires skill. Sometimes we need to be able to see ourselves as others see us – and that requires skill. And a lot of the time we need to be able to look at situations from another view-point – and that definitely requires skill!

A lot of life skills only come with life experience and the commitment to learning from those experiences. I’d like to help you to gain some of these skills and to maybe speed up the process through the sharing of experiences – a longer life doesn’t always guarantee more skills or experiences, but sometimes it can shed some light on the process of life and show you a new way of looking at things.

As well as incorporating life skills coaching in my private sessions, I offer several group-learning opportunities in the form of workshops, seminars and courses.

These involve a variety of life skills, including:

  • Improved breathing – learn to breathe more fully and naturally
  • Life planning – learn to live ‘on purpose’ rather than letting life ‘happen’ to you
  • Basic kinesiology – learn kinesiology skills to use at home to help keep your family and friends ‘in balance’
  • ‘Meet Your Body’ series – learn about your body’s organs and systems, what affects them, and what you can do to improve their healthy functioning
  • Essential Oils – learning how to use them on a day to day basis to support and enhance a healthy lifestyle