Helping you to heal yourself

I’m Maureen and I have been in full-time practice as a Kinesiologist since early 1998.  In the intervening years, I have added many concepts, therapies and tools including applied physiology, acupressure, vibrational medicine, brain integration, coloured light therapy and essential oils. I have been closely involved with personal development and health improvement since the early 1980’s, and continue to explore the many ways of healing which exist in our amazing world.

I also have a background in business – both as an employee and as an employer. I’ve lived and worked in the country for about half my life, and in cities for the other half. This enables me to understand the challenges faced by people in many different situations and with different cultural backgrounds.

My passions include helping people to achieve the health and fulfilment they desire and giving children the greatest possible access to their natural learning ability. With good health and high self-esteem, happiness and the joy of learning naturally follow.

I hope that I can contribute to your health, happiness and joy of learning, by providing helpful insights, private consultations, seminars and workshops. Click on Contact to send an email or phone for an appointment.

Maureen has greatly assisted me in dealing with the many emotional and physical problems which arose during my bereavement for my husband. Maureen works in such a gentle and sensitive manner that I was surprised at how easy it was to release deep stresses from my body and my life.

Susan (42)

Improved Health

The body doesn’t know the difference between physical, emotional and mental stresses. By looking for and addressing the underlying cause of health problems, I can help you to improve your overall wellbeing.

Clear thinking

Stress can really addle your brain! By learning about where you hold your stress and how to release it and manage it, you will find that you can think more clearly most of the time.

Improved memory and learning skills

Stress of some sort is usually what gets in the way of your memory. Learning is a natural desire so when it’s difficult, it means that there is stress present in the learner.


When you understand what makes you ‘tick’ you have the power to change what doesn’t ‘work’ in your life.

Improved reading ability

Reading is one of the most complex tasks we undertake. It is not a natural function and requires the co-ordination of the parts of the brain that manage sight and hearing, with those that process both images and detail. If you struggle with reading or remembering what you just read, you’ve probably got a breakdown in communication between these functions.

Communication can usually be restored with some very simple kinesiology procedures and supported by regular application and inhalation of a specific essential oil blend.

Improved math skills

Many people have a stronger affinity with ‘the big picture’ than with the detail and logic of mathematics. As children, we often feel that we are a total failure at mathematics every time we get a wrong answer or cannot explain how we arrived at an answer. Each sense of failure compounds that belief and creates stress patterns that are reactivated every time mathematical problems are presented.

By releasing this negative patterning, both children and adults can have better access to the brain functions necessary for understanding and processing mathematics. This strengthens the communication between the logic centres in the brain, enabling a more objective approach to the tasks.