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Sometimes we have forgotten what it feels like to be really healthy! Imbalances creep up on us until suddenly we have to face up to the fact that our body doesn’t work as well as it used to. We can accept that situation and keep going by responding to the aches, pains and discomforts by trying to adjust our body chemistry with external sources of chemicals, or we can try to get to the underlying cause of our body’s imbalanced state.

The main things that affect our physical health are:

  • our breathing capacity (i.e. our intake of life-giving oxygen)
  • our fluid intake: the body needs a good supply of plain, pure water
  • our diet: what we eat, drink and medicate with (some common foods are literally ‘poison’ to some people’s bodies and some medications can cause side effects)
  • the environment: petrochemical inhalation from general traffic and vapours from a variety of sources,
  • excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation – computers, mobile phones, high-tension wires, fluorescent lighting, etc. – adversely affect some people’s highly sensitive energy field



As a practitioner of natural therapies and life-skills education, I do not treat conditions but seek the underlying imbalances in the body that have led to the condition. Restoring balance to the body’s energy systems has, in turn, a balancing effect on the organs and systems within the body.

Some conditions will always need medical intervention but natural therapies can still help to restore and maintain balance in your body and reduce your resistance to medications.



A syndrome is a group of signs and symptoms that occur together in a particular pattern (usually named after the person who ‘labelled’ them).

These signs and symptoms will have underlying causes which, when addressed, will relieve at least some of the signs and symptoms, depending on how long you have been suffering them and how committed you are to redressing them.

Can you list the symptoms and look at them objectively? Maybe if you changed something in your life you might minimise or eliminate some or all of those symptoms.



Regaining a fully functioning, healthy body is a journey. The length of the journey depends a lot on how long the body has been out of balance, and how willing its owner is to change some of the ways in which they treat this irreplaceable ‘vehicle’.

If we neglect our car, don’t have it serviced, use the wrong fuel, ignore damaged bits, don’t give it water or oil, let its tyres go flat, it cannot be depended on to take us very far. If we don’t take the time and spend the money to maintain this valuable asset, it will soon deteriorate.

And yet, we often treat our bodies as though they require no maintenance, will run on any old food and fluid, and will keep going indefinitely. We don’t take time for adequate rest, and we often wait until we just can’t keep going any longer before we seek any help.

By understanding more about what your particular body needs, you will be more in charge of your own health and wellbeing.



Prevention is better than cure!

It is wiser to take notice of warning signs, recognise when niggling symptoms are present, and ask for help before your body has lost some of its natural healing ability. By paying regular attention to your physical, emotional and mental health, you can prevent many serious conditions from developing. Regular ‘balancing’ of your body’s energies can make life so much easier, even when external stresses are present.

Some of the health issues that can be addressed and improved with natural therapies and life-style education are listed on the Health Questionnaire. Print this off and look closely at just how well your personal vehicle is operating!